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Cape Reinga to Bluff  
   Saturday April 29, 2017







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I awoke refreshed and packed my gear for an 8.00am start. I stopped in at the office to pay my bill but Irene wouldn?t take any money and wished me well for my journey. I headed for the beach and was soon talking to some fishermen with an impressive array of gear, rods galore and winches to wind in long lines. Shortly after I took a photo showing the path ahead.

First stop today was to the township of Waipu. The nudists up here hit the beach early and for the last couple of kilometres before I turned onto Tip Road there were naked people every few hundred metres.

I walked down the main road of Waipu and saw a visitors centre so stopped in to grab a pamphlet on the Brynderwyn walkway which I was going to take through the Mangawhai Heads. Unfortunately I was told the walkway was closed and despite the staff making many phone calls on behalf I was unable to get permission to use it. I wasn?t looking forward to more road walking so I went to sulk in a café across the road. Here I met Michael and Margaret Collinson who lived at Mangawhai Heads and offered to take some of my gear that far. I quickly availed myself of their offer and then set off towards Waipu cove, about half of this was on the beach which was nice.

After Waipu cove it was back to the raod for the trip to Mangawhai Heads. At the far end of the walkway that I was not allowed on I met two young ladies, Hannah and Sara-Lee, who had walked along it without seeing any of the logging that meant it was closed. That news did not exactly smoke my tires.

Having picked up the gear that I sent ahead and refilling my drink bladder I was accompanied down to the motor camp by Michael and Margaret. There I met Bill who gave me a ride across the river in his dingy. Bill was from Kaiwaka and had run the local shop there until recently.

The moon was nearly full but cloud meant it gave little light as I made my way down the beach towards Te Aria point. The sand was quite soft and walking was difficult. It was very late and dark by the time I reached the headland and pitched my tent.

Looking south towards Waipu.

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