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Cape Reinga to Bluff  
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While not trying to do this in the Ultra-light style that is becoming popular amongst some trampers, I did want to minimise the weight I would be carrying as much as possible. The real exception to that is that I will be carrying a Canon 300D SLR camera and a tripod.

I cannot really write this section without expressing my sincerest admiration for the gear that Macpac Wilderness Equipment Ltd. designs and produces. I spent many hours researching every item that I would need to complete this trip in safety and comfort and without fail if Macpac made it then it seemed to be on my preferred list.

Gear List

Macpac Stuff

New Pursuit 50 pack
Microlight tent
Pinnacle sleeping bag
Nemesis jacket
Mission pants
Jetstream over-trousers
Fast Eddys shorts
Interwool mid longs
Interwool core tee
Interwool mid zip
Interwool boxers
Adventure racing puttees
Fleece hat

Other Stuff

Montrail Hard Rock shoes
Smartwool socks
Garmin Legend GPS
Suunto Alta Max altimetre
Thermarest pro lite 3 sleeping mat
Pack liner
First aid kit
Marmot precip raincoat
Canon 300D camera, battery charger
2 spare batteries
Potable aqua water purifying tablets
Kathmandu fleece gloves
MT310 EPIRB (locater beacon)
Chap stick
Toilet paper
Snow peak titanium knife, fork, spoon
4 disposable contact lenses
petzl zipca plus head torch
Silva digital map scale device
Platypus bladder
Earth Sea Sky micro towel
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Annual hut pass
Ortlieb dry bag (for maps)
Leki walking poles
Columbia sunhat

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