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Cape Reinga to Bluff  
   Saturday April 29, 2017







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The road walk to Whatawhata was very hot but there were often grass verges to walk on which was nice. With about 3km to go I was invited in to Mike and Rebecca's home for a cold drink. Mike told me a bit about some of the areas I would pass through over the next few days which was interesting.

I finally arrived at my destination at about 8.00pm and immediately set about looking for a ride into Hamilton. I had been invited to stay with Noel and Marg Sandford - Noel is the construction manager for Te Araroa. After about 30secs of walking with my thumb out I was climbing into the air conditioned comfort of Ash Williams 4WD. Ash went out of his way to drop me at the Sandford Residence which was appreciated.

Noel was outside organising some gear that they will need shortly to put in a section of boardwalk down the south side of Pirongia. After helping with that I was taken inside to meet Marg who had prepared a meal for me. Noel was flying up Pirongia the next day so was able to drop me back at Whatawhata, as long as I was up by 5.45am. I put my washing on and cleaned myself up and then we talked about tramping, teaching, fly fishing and looked over maps for the days ahead. Bed by 11.00pm.

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