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Awoke to more heavy rain, maybe I will get some sort of an award for being the first person to tramp the entire length of the "Winterless North" wearing a raincoat.

There seems to be a steady stream of visitors to Peter and Sabrina's house - the first I met was Barry who the girls informed me was the car doctor. Later Mark arrived and he invited me to join his family for dinner later and to soak my legs in their spa afterwards.

I waited until about 3.00pm to set off and do the 10km that would join where I finished yesterday with a good starting point for tomorrow. It rained again as I set out, but not for long. I just paced myself nicely to minimise further inflaming my blisters but could not really get comfortable because of them.

Had a superb roast dinner at Mark and Jo's, met their two daughters Dayna and Rachael and a Great Dane called Jethro. The spa was just what the doctor ordered. Peter tells me the next section is every bit as tough as the last so I slipped into bed with some worries about what tomorrow will hold.

Peter: Peter Griffith setting up the stage for the Boxing Day Bash which they host at their house each year.
Peter working on the stage for the Boxing Day Bash which they host each year for the residents around Takahue.

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