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Turns out that my worries were entirely justified! I have managed all of about 12 km today with at least 4km of that on reasonable roads or tracks.

Got off to a bad start at the first sign it would seem. I went right at the fork in the road and should have gone left. In fact I was headed left until I saw a blaze on the right hand road. Bugger. Still that didn‚t put me off too badly. It meant I was on the old track, which was basically ok until near the top. Once on the ridge I was back where I should have been and felt like I was making reasonable time. Got round to the point where I needed to do some real navigation as the track is not in yet and found my way on to the right ridge quickly. Lost it for a while about halfway to the Trig that I was headed for but quickly realised my mistake and put myself right. I didn‚t actually find the Trig but given that there was no sign of the radio mast marked on the map at the top of the Raetea I was not too surprised.

I could not for the life of me find my way on to the next ridge that I needed to take. At about 8.00pm it was obvious I could not get out of the bush tonight anyway so I found a spot to pitch the tent for the evening. Not quite an ideal spot but as good as any I had seen since entering the bush. The bush here is very thick which is part of my problem - there is very little visual information available especially with the weather being overcast, drizzly and dull. So the long and the short of it is that I know exactly where I am. I just need to find my way off in the morning.

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