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24/12/2004 AM

Well it wasn't the best nights sleep ever but I did get caught up on my journal. Tuna was a bit of a come down for dinner after the food I have enjoyed over the last two days. It is now 8.00am and I am still in my tent - I should get up and moving but with my heels the way they are I am not looking forward to putting dressings on them even, let alone shoes. It is always a little hard to say until I get on my feet but my legs generally feel ok. I took the inner soles out of my shoes yesterday and that did feel easier on my blisters. All the skin had fallen off them when I took my socks off last night though. It would be easier if I could keep my feet dry at least.

So the plan today is to leave my camp on Kumetewhiahia and head for the end of Makene Road via Unaumakaroro. Nearly all down hill according to the map and a total distance of about 5km. From there it is road walking to Mangamuka Bridge, but first I have to get there. Just need to nail this ridge. I was told before I left that most of today‚s trip has had a track cut on it already, so I will only need to cover about 1km of untracked ridge hopefully to join up with it. Will finish writing for now and procrastinate no longer.

Just to cement my frustrating day yesterday it seems I left my sunhat in Peter‚s truck and I lost the bite valve from my drink bladder when it caught on a tree and was ripped out. I looked for ages but green bite valves don't stand out too well in the forest.

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