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I had a rest day yesterday which was very pleasant. Today started with a ferry trip to Devenport where I was picked up by Geoff Chapple. Soon we had picked up Miriam and were headed back to Govan Wilson road to tackle a section of the track that had been marked out but not yet cut.

After photos Geoff and I set out along gravel roads for a few kilometres before heading onto a 4WD track and eventually into the bush below Conical Hill. It was nice to have some company especially someone so familiar with my undertaking. As we followed along what was often an old track or old road we chatted at length about Te Araroa.

We stopped for lunch where we came back out into a grassy clearing on a logging road. There was a strange fenced off pit here with a substantial grating across it. We then followed logging roads again for a while before hading back into the bush on a high ridge.

We followed the ridge almost without fail for the remainder of the day. Again we were mainly on an old track and with the exception of a short section that had more gorse than I was comfortable with it was an enjoyable work through lovely bush.

Eventually we reached a Kauri Grove from which a formed track now marked our path. We soon climbed up over the Dome and then descended to the café, which was closed, to be picked up by Miriam.

This will be a stunning section of track when it is completed and we rang Fiona McKenzie to commend her choice and her track marking as we dined together. Only 12km today, it was slow but well worth it.

Miriam and Geoff.

Geoff and I at Govan Wilson Road.

Geoff with one of the Te Araroa Stickers we placed.

The Fisher Road turnoff before heading up towards the ridge leading to the Dome.

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