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Geoff and Miriam carted me around today so I was able to walk with a light pack which was nice. Geoff wanted to look at certain parts of the track, some by foot and some by car.

We started back at the Dome café where I was dropped off to walk up kraack Road. Part way up there was a locked gate and from here Geoff joined me to look at a possible route through to Smythe Road. We followed logging roads along barren ridges the whole way and never walked the bush section that Geoff had wanted to see, oh well.

Geoff hopped back in the car here and I made my way along roads both sealed and unsealed towards Moirs Hill. Just as I was coming to the top of Moirs Hill Geoff rang to see how I was getting on, another twenty steps and I was looking at him.

Miriam and Geoff had a special treat for me, an ice cold coke. They had gone to some trouble convincing a bar made to put it in a bag of ice so it would not be warm by the time they found me. Well done.

From here it was another long road section through Puhoi where they were setting up for their A&P show over the weekend. Here Geoff and Miriam picked me up from the SH1 intersection.

I have covered a lot of ground today but all the road walking is hard on my feet.

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