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While on the road an email had arrived from Stewart Mitchell who offered to accompany me on the North Shore Coastal Walkway from Long Bay to Devenport. I jumped at the opportunity of some company so gave him a ring. Stewart duly arrived to pick me up and we drove to Devenport where we left the car and Miriam dropped us up to Long Bay.

A quick photo and then up a set of steps to begin the walk. The first part of the walk saw us linking cliff top walkways with residential streets as we made our way south through a succession of bays. At Brown‚s Bay we stopped briefly to dress blisters and then proceeded via stairs and concrete paths through a nice reserve to the next bay. Here I realised that I didn‚t have my cell phone with me and fearing that I had dropped it when we stopped at Brown‚s Bay, I ran back. Couldn‚t find it so borrowed Stewart‚s phone and gave it a ring but got no answer. I was reasonably sure that there was nowhere else I could have lost it so I must have left it somewhere stupid. Stewart had made his way back to the bottom of the steps so over we went again and continued on our way. It was a beautifully warm day and every beach we came to had lots of people enjoying the sand or the surf. There were also a lot of people on the track which was nice to see.

At Takapuna Beach we stopped for a pottle of chips each by the motor camp. While eating these I had my ear chewed by an Asian woman, Stewart confirmed my suspicion that she was looking for a nice kiwi boy so we high tailed it after topping up our water supplies.

The plan from here was to follow the coastline. The tide wasn‚t quite low enough yet so I dispensed with my shoes and waded the first few hundred metres. Then we were away down past St Leonards Beach which sported more than it‚s share of nude men. With eyes carefully averted Stewart and I sped along in search of beaches of clothed people.

As nice as it had been on the cliff tops it was also nice to be on the rocks and beaches as we traversed the second half of the walkway.

At narrowneck we rang Miriam and Geoff to find they had been trying to ring usΣ oops. Explained about the phone and kept heading towards the last beach before a short road walk to Devenport. The northern end of the beach was covered in unusual seaweed. It was ankle deep and looked like badly frayed rope. Miriam met us here and walked down the beach with us before driving on ahead for photos at Devenport. By the time Stewart and I arrived at the stone marking the southern end of the walkway we were ready for a rest.

Miriam had gone and checked Stewart‚s car and my cell phone was on the front seat so I went and grabbed it before taking the ferry across to Auckland where the next section of my walk would begin.

Stewart drove over the harbour bridge and was already waiting for me by the time I arrived.

Stewart and me at the start of the North Shore Coastal Walkway.

The end of the walkway.

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