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Todays school websites have special requirements put on them by various Government Departments, along with the concerns of parents/guardians regarding the security and privacy of their children. Teachers also need the peace of mind that any system they put in place can't be hijacked by students, past and present. BOT need to know that over the years as the site grows that it continues to be manageable and independant of staff that may come and go.

Digital Promotions offers a special package for schools based on the requirements above with the additional benefit that the entire website is managed through a web browser (any web browser). It is totally independent of computer operating systems. A very big plus in a school that has combinations of old software and Operating Systems along with differing platforms, Apple (OS9 and OSX) and various PC flavours.

A school website needs to be around for a very long time. With a website set up by Digital Promotions there is no reason why tomorrow's Old Boy/Girl shouldn't be able to look back at what happened during their time at school.

Because our CMS web site system allows literally hundreds of people to contribute content each with their own level of access and responsibilities, it is well suited to schools and learning institutions.

Prices start from $NZ 2500.00

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