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After much frustration with Wellington Airport being closed by fog I was finally winging my way North again. I had expected to see Geoff and Miriam at the airport as Geoff was heading south to fly over Shania Twain≠s land with her partner Matt. My flight was late landing and I could hear them calling Geoff≠s flight as I made my way to the terminal. Oh well.

Miriam was still there though and had bought some maps showing where another group had travelled south of Pureora. Miriam bundled me into the car and drove me out to Drury where I had last stopped walking. After jotting down the trail info I started heading south on Great South Road at about 2.30pm.

The trip was largely uneventful. I met a farmer and his grandson at Bombay and against his advice I took Razorback Road which was quite lovely. From Pokeno I had to walk on the expressway which was extra horrible. I walking right down the middle between the two lanes as there was lots of grass there.

At Mercer I stopped for tea and got stung with a surcharge since it was Waitangi Day. At the table next to me were Michael Kemp and Te Auwe Tihi, a young couple from Pukekohe. Michael very enthusiastically filled me in on local roads and how best to get places. While his local knowledge was vast, his ability with maps seemed limited so it took us a while to get it all sorted out.

It was almost dark as I struck out for Meremere, luckily they are building a new motorway so took that. Had it all to myself. Camped behind the St Johns building, I hope they don't mind!

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