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Geoff Chapple & Miriam Beatson, Te Araroa Trust for all their work and help
Denis Jacques - Perry's Bookshop Blenheim for being instrumental in getting me started and a great deal on my maps
David & Greg Hall - Adventure Sportsworld Blenheim for looking after me with nearly all the gear I didnt get somewhere else
Ben Collis - Digital Promotions for hosting this site, making me laugh and not showing me a photo of his arse
Frontrunner - Litchfield Street Christchurch
Eric Martinot - Canada for all the information on his web site
Macpac - for making such good stuff
Tracey & Rewa - eden eye optometrist for being very nice while selling me a pair of Rudy Projects
John Todd - for advice on getting from Tongiriro to Palmerston North
Bob & Val Chittendon - for advice on the Tararuas
Rose Jorgensen - for advice on the Tararuas and for letting me marry her daughter
Tony Gazley - for advice on the Tararuas for advice on the Tararuas and Ruahines
Paul - McEwings Mountain Sports, Christchurch for excellent advice and some of my Macpac gear
Linda Hall - last but not least, my wife for tolerating my flights of fancy and childish obsessions

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